Energy Tip Details
Task lighting from lamps can reduce the need for ambient lighting in large spaces, which reduces overall energy use. LEDs are dimmable and come in a variety of brightness levels, colors and wattages. They are more durable than incandescent or CFL bulbs, and unlike CFLs, don't contain mercury.
What You Need to Do
  • Step 1
    Switch to more efficient T8 or T5 lamps with electronic ballasts. Electronic ballast typically have faster on times and do not hum and flicker.
  • If I complete this measure, can I track my savings over time?
    If you mark an item on your plan as completed, we will track your estimated energy use and savings over time. We can use this to find additional savings options.
  • How can I make sure the product I buy qualifies for available rebates?
    You can search across the major retailers (e.g. Best Buy, Amazon) for products that qualify for rebates.
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