Energy Tip Details
Most electronic equipment draws small amounts of power, even when they are in the 'off' state. Unfortunately, when many devices are in such a state, for 24 hours for every day in the year, the amount of power consumed can be significant.
What You Need to Do
  • Step 1
    Simply unplug any equipment that is not likely to be used for more than a few hours; this includes printers, scanners, clocks and phone chargers.
  • If I complete this measure, can I track my savings over time?
    If you mark an item on your plan as completed, we will track your estimated energy use and savings over time. We can use this to find additional savings options.
  • How can I make sure the product I buy qualifies for available rebates?
    You can search across the major retailers (e.g. Best Buy, Amazon) for products that qualify for rebates.
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